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Veterans and Trauma Informed Care Conference.

18th April 2024

Ipswich Football Club

Both Vicki Bailey, (Clinical Nurse Specialist from Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Trust) and Chris Kay, (Senior Research Fellow, Veterans & Families Institute for Military Social Research ARU), attended the Veterans and Trauma Informed Care Conference, where they presented to an audience of various organisations and professions.

Vicki and Chris showcased the importance of the research project, including background, certain differences regarding a veteran gambler, supporting stakeholders to implement a process when assessing veterans and their families to 'ask the question', and engagement with the survey. Vicki ended encouraging participants to take note of the survey, and requested they share with their wider network, including colleagues and friends whom may know UK veterans.

The presentation was well received with many participants raising questions. Participants agreed that their organisation had not asked about gambling behaviours when assessing a veteran cohort, however, the presentation has now given them food for thought to implement.


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