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What is VHABIT?

VHABIT is a UK Veterans research project aimed at discovering destructive attitudes and behaviours that lead to dysfunction and addictions, primarily gambling addiction. Our focus is on understanding patterns and causes of addiction within the British Armed Forces and MOD, and developing future preventative and intervention measures.

Who can participate in VHABIT?

VHABIT is open to all UK Veterans who have experienced gambling addiction or other destructive behaviours. We also welcome participation from family members and loved ones who have been affected by these issues.

How is VHABIT funded?

VHABIT is funded by a combination of government grants and private donations. We are committed to transparency and accountability in all our financial activities.

How can I get involved with VHABIT?

There are many ways to get involved with VHABIT, including participating in our research studies, volunteering, or making a donation. Please visit our website to learn more.

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